Philanthropy at Ivy School

Since established in 2004, Ivy School has committed to contribute to the community by preparing children trusted in our care the educational excellence to equip themselves in facing the demanding environment in the future and yet, still they will live their best and thus share lives to others.

As an independent school, Ivy School operates without financial support from the Government. Instead, the School relies upon tuition, endowment income and generous support of Ivy community. Tuition has covered most of the monthly expenses, while the endowment has made the school able to pursue its mission of excellence without staking its financial stability.

The participation and philanthropic generosity of Ivy worldwide partners have made possible the ever-expanding projects at Ivy.

Make a Philanthropic Gift to Ivy School

There are several core aspects of school development that honor the sincere support from the sponsors or donors. The School development will cover areas that mostly support the continuation of preparing students to excel both in demanding universities and workplace in the adults’ lives.

Sponsors and donors are welcomed to participate in project funding as well as event fund raising occur during the academic years at Ivy. Starting the new academic years 2010-2011, Ivy has initiated distinct way to make all the participation an instilled legacy.

Ways of Giving

We welcome several ways of participation from donors or sponsors

  1. Event sponsors
    1. Ivy Olympics
    2. Ivy Graduation
    3. Ivy Exhibition
  2. Scholarships
    1. Bright Student Achievement
    2. Economic Hardship
    3. Minister’s / Social Worker Children
  1. Leave a Legacy (Make a Difference in the Lives that Follow)
    1. Ivy Green Castle
    2. Children Library
    3. Art hall
    4. Science Laboratory (Indoor/ Outdoor)
    5. Computer Lab
    6. Children’s Garden


Kindly review and consider the attached profile of each philanthropic option.


Ivy Olympics

Ivy Olympics is an annual event held to celebrate friendship, teamwork and sports.  Every August of the year, Ivy Olympics has always been a one day filled with total fun, laughter and teamwork spirit for all the School Body. Teachers, staff, parents and students will all blend into various games and competitions.

School Bazaar for this event is definitely a great tool for interested sponsors to introduce or sell their products to parents and students. Booths are open for products or services which supports education, health and family planning.

Ivy Graduation

The graduation is held annually and designated as a moment of appreciation toward the children’s work and achievement. Parents and students, blend with the School staff celebrate together the end of academic year in such a festive way where each grade will present from the zany performance of the preschoolers till the richly expressed creativity of the elementary students.

Sponsors are welcome to participate in the Yearbook Ads as well as the Graduation booths.

See Grad Proposal

Ivy Exhibition

Each year, Ivy School holds several regular expos where sponsors may join to introduce products and services to Ivy as well as non Ivy students. Expos may occur within or outside the school location (e.g.: mall or other public places)


Honor and Bright Student Achievement

These scholarships have been distributed to the list of extraordinary and bright students from Ivy current students. Donations in this program will be allocated to award more students with excellent achievements.

Economic Hardship

Economic Scholarship is awarded to students with struggling economic background and yet strong proof of solid academic performance. Ivy Foundation has distributed scholarships not only toward students, but also the School staff to continue their study (e.g. : office boy, school keeper, etc). Donations in this program will be allocated to reach out more children to perform the best potentials without worrying how they should continue funding the study.

Minister’s Children

Clergymen or any social workers will also be eligible to obtain scholarships. Children of Ivy parents which are teachers, pastors, doctors or any other social work backgrounds will have the priority to acquire this scholarship eligibility. Donations in this program will definitely be allocated to better support such parents to worry the least about their children’s education while they themselves serve the community.

Leave a Legacy (Make a Difference in the Lives that Follow)

a. Ivy Green Castle

Committed to enliven the life habits that is responsible for the environment, Ivy has developed comprehensive green awareness program to train each member sense of belonging toward the Earth and green living. Through most aspects of the learning process, children as well as the whole School body are always encouraged to promote:

- reuse, reduce, recycle

- gardening like planting and nurturing

- knowledge of green issues

- projects (Smart architecture for Kids, Adopt a Bug, Create an Ecosystem)

“Leave a Legacy” program will honor the donor’s contribution by having donor’s name engraved in our wall plaque as the lasting memory of gift.

b. Children Library

Each year, our collection has been added by the generosity of our donors.

However, the high reading enthusiasm of our children has not made possible for the collection to catch up the demand.

“Leave a Legacy” program will honor the donor’s contribution by having donor’s name printed in the library wall or book collections.

c. Art hall

Art has been more than just a subject in Ivy School. The vision to have our students live their fullest in life is closely related with how deep their appreciation and comprehension toward the art of living itself. Art and Craft Gallery, Art and Craft Workshop, Children Orchestra, Children Theatre, Young Writers, Architecture for Kids, Culinary Art have been some programs examples available in our School to cater the potentials since young.

“Leave a Legacy” program will honor the generosity of donors to make the Art Hall a tool to facilitate all students to utilize the unlimited imagination into a solid presentation to enjoy.

d. Science Laboratory (Indoor/ Outdoor)

The dream has been initiated since 2005 to build the Science Garden and indoor research laboratory. Currently, the School has applied most of science experiments and observation through common available resources and   Starting 2010, Ivy Garden Castle (Ivy expansion for Middle School) will mature the plan to build several hands-on science experiences such as: Water Works, Energy Generator, Nature’s Science, etc.

“Leave a Legacy” program will honor the contribution of donors by having the donor’s name engraved in each science experience spot.

e. Computer Lab

Ivy Computer Lab has been a support for students to complete class assignments and grow the skills in creating and experimenting with computer technology. Currently, the School is in the middle of upgrading our computers to provide more features toward students’ interest such as robotic programming, animation projects.

“Leave a Legacy” program will honor the support of our donors by having their names engraved on our wall plaque in the Computer Room.

f. Little Eden

Since 2005, our facility for Kindergarten and Elementary has been blessed with fertile ground and water supplies that made Little Eden, our school garden, a very special one. We grow grapes, wide variety of tropical vegetables, some exotic plants and even raspberries! Our berry garden has been such both fruit and joy producer to the whole School body. The Eden plan has continued to start planting for the Roof Garden in our Preschool facility, starting the spice garden and stepping into the farming plan, too.

“Leave a Legacy” will surely appreciate the hearty support from the donors and having their names printed on the Eden benches spread in the garden, along with their sentiments or message written.


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