To help the children become excellent individual and group learners. Effective problem solvers, Godly and thoughtful decision makers. To value children not just as students, but as individuals whose needs of affection and recognition are well cared. To provide a home where the love of learning is cultivated in every child to last for a lifetime.



Ivy School is committed to providing a well rounded education of excellence, based on Christian principles, that meets each student’s potentials, interests, and needs in all aspects of student’s life.  Ivy School challenges each student to develop the fear of the Lord, strong intellectual ability, creativity and curiosity as well as a sense of responsibility and caring toward others.  Ivy School will inspire excellence to every student everyday and are committed to a tradition of life-long learning and inspiring educational innovation.


Saturday, December 22, 2018 Admin IVY IVY NEWS 1055
Dear students, thank you for your enthusiasm and cheerful heart Dear parents, thank you for your never-ending support and trust Dear teachers, thank you for your hardwork and dedication...
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 Admin IVY IVY NEWS 1387
IVY Pre School Wannado for age 2-4 was held on July 4-6, 2018. There were fun filled program to enhance children’s creativity by doing fun activities such as story telling & art, cooking rocket...
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 Admin IVY IVY NEWS 967
IVY Wannado program for children aged 5-9 years old was held on July 4-6, 2018. This was a program created to enhance children's creativity in a fun and natural environment. Activities covered in...


IVY Toddler and Preschool : Plaza Graha Family A5-A7, Pradahkalikendal, Dukuh Pakis, Surabaya. Phone : (031) 7385242
IVY Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School : Royal Residence B5-111 Babatan, Wiyung, Surabaya. Phone : (031) 7510103/7510102