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Ms. Juli presenting a movie of "Honoring your Parents".

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This morning, October 13th 2014, assembly was led by Ms. Juli, founder of Ivy School. It was one assembly morning to bring each student remember the role of a mother and how many children have neglected parents when they are growing old.
Hope this movie may also rekindle your bonding with your loved ones. 

Movie link can be downloaded at : https://scontent-a-sin.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xpf1/v/l/t42.1790-2/10572682_875647282464211_178140373_n.mp4?oh=357aa4106f8b80e6d9757398a3c8f495&oe=5427BD34

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Ivy 7th and 8th graders were scheduled to visit the one of Indonesia's most well-known leather production area, Tanggulangin.
We brought the students to see the process from raw to ready to sell and have direct interaction with the people involved during the process.


Pic.1 Grade 8 with their Primary Teacher

The visit has several purposes:

a. Students were being comprehensively informed on the history of Tanggulangin Leather Production. How it started from a small quiet village in 1980 inhabited by skillful leather producer to an area known as a famous tourism spot and world-scale manufacturer

b. In 2006, a disastrous conduct of Lapindo company on drilling the ground had caused the city of Sidoarjo suffer from the everlasting "mud-fountain" covering some areas in Sidoarjo. Although Tanggulangin was not covered by the mud, yet the tourism and transportation to the area waas severely blocked.

At this point, Ivy students were presented to the enormous effect of Irresponsible Act of Company toward Environment and how it impacted badly not just the nature but thousands of lives and living.

Pic. 2 Grade 7 with their Primary teacher

c. 2013 has been recognized as the revival of Tanggulangin where after bankruptcy among most of the manufacturers, the survivors has made it to bring back Tanggulangin to its prime time.

Ivy students learned from this fact about: 1.perseverance (never give up)  2. creativity   3. endurance

d. The rest of the impacts are given to each student. Some learned about the machinery, some on the artistry of the designs.

Ivy Visit: March 6, 2014

Grade 7 went to the Tanggulangin
Grade 8 went to the Tanggulangin
Grade 7 went to the Tanggulangin

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April 25, 2014  Kartini Day at Supermal Pakuwon Indah

Kartini Day is being celebrated among the whole students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.
This time we presented the theme: "the Worldwide Perspective of Kartini".

Bearing as second class citizen of her own nation, Kartini did not limit herself from learning the best she could. While Javanese was the common language used and speaking Dutch was such a prestige during the period of colonial time those days, Kartini had been a young woman who not only could read and grasp Dutch language, yet she could even make quality correspondence with great minds in Netherlands.

Since age 12, she could no longer attend school, however, Kartini's reading included the Semarang newspaper De Locomotief, edited by Pieter Brooshooft, as well as leestrommel, a set of magazines circulated by bookshops to subscribers. She also read cultural and scientific magazines as well as the Dutch women's magazine De Hollandsche Lelie, to which she began to send contributions which were published. Before she was 20 she had read Max Havelaar and Love Letters by Multatuli. She also read De Stille Kracht (The Hidden Force) by Louis Couperus, the works of Frederik van Eeden, Augusta de Witt, the Romantic-Feminist author Goekoop de-Jong Van Eek and an anti-war novel by Berta von Suttner, Die Waffen Nieder! (Lay Down Your Arms!). All were in Dutch.


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Therefore if last year we celebrated Kartini Day with "lagu daerah" (Indonesian traditional folksongs), this year 2014, as a tribute to the worldwide thinking of Kartini, Ivy students presented various musical performances with current English songs which are popular, yet inspiring.

Enjoy and be forever inspired!

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