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Being conducted at the Atrium of Supermal Pakuwon Indah, on December 17, 2015, IVY Elementary and Middle School-Christmas Celebration was jazzed up with eight performances including choirs, simple dances and mandarin vocal group.

Besides those performances, Ms. Juli has made the celebration much livelier by inviting parents to dance as well as to pray for their children. Before she did so, she had delivered short preaching about love and also encouraged IVY-students to be grateful as GOD has granted teachers, parents and grandparents into their lives. Moreover, she led those children to pray for their beloveds by stating: “Your parents, grandparents and teachers, they are not growing younger and stronger, but they are getting much older, weaker, and sometimes they may have problem with their health, that is the reason why we need to show our love by praying for those people”.

By the same token, the folksy design of the stage held children spellbound due to its vivid description of a white christmas. (Caleb)


A Literature Appreciation has been held at October 28th, 2015, in Ivy School to celebrate Indonesia Youth Pledge “Sumpah Pemuda” Day. On 09.00 the event opened by prayer led by Ms. Dewi Kendarsih which was followed by singing national anthem “Indonesia Raya” and a national song “Bangun Pemudi Pemuda” together with all of the students and teachers. The next session was the poem reading performance by students. Those who brought things up were Daniel Lee, Alex, Gabriele, and Michiko. After some solemn readings came up on stage, the next session was limerick session. There were 2 groups which consisted of 2 students each. They were Angelique and Stanley in group 1 and Michael Lee and Juan in group 2.  It was reciprocated one, so the show was such a nice round.

Before stepping up to the main session; the writing workshop, there was a launch of Satu Karya Satu Rasa book. It was written up by the teachers and students of Ivy Middle School. Ms. Juli Indawati who also came that day stood up in front of all and giving her testimonal speech about the book. She said that the book was a starter. She expected that there must be some other books to come in the future. Writing Workshop for Teens was up on 10.00 a.m. Ms. Hafidha, the speaker for the workshop from Superkidz, entered the venue and began to speak in a way to start it all over. Journalistical writing became the topic of the workshop, followed by the enthusiasm of the students. The next one was literary workshop which was up on 11.00 a.m. with Ms. Khanis Selasih from Jurnal Sastra Aksara. This second workshop was set like a talk show with Dr. Purwo from Unair as the next speaker and Ms. Hilmi from Oksana Publishing.  The event seemed to be lively after some students asked things and those who were on stage responsed it with such a nice answers. Many of them asked about the tips and how to start writing. Such a show!

Tugu Pahlawan monument as one of the legendary sites in Surabaya, became the next destination in this field trip season of Ivy School. The school group which consists of students from Grade 1 up to Grade 3 went to the Tugu Pahlawan monument on 4 May 2015. Although the trip was started with such a hard rain, but after waiting patiently, the rain was over replaced with a clear blue sky.

The group went up at 8.30 a.m. and arrived at the museum at 9.15 a.m. The guide welcomed us and brought us in to the site and we all savoured all the excitement inside. We saw many great things there. The height of Tugu Pahlawan is 41 meters. There were 2 main things in that area, park and the 10 November museum. On the entrance, we saw the great statue of Soekarno-Hatta. It stood firmly there looking us all who wanted to smell the scent of patriotism.

There is something new in the Deteksi Youth Competition this year. On the band competition, there is new thing appeared. For the first time after the years, Deteksi band Competition is open for the Middle Schoolers. Seeing this opportunity, Ivy Middle School didn’t want to be left behind. With no doubt, I-Gen as the official school band in Ivy Middle School, finally decided to register. They worked hard since that day, and no one came to the studio with hesitation.
The band consists of 5 young players; Stanley on drum, Stephen on keys, Michiko on bass, Daniel on guitar, and Kevin on vocal. After some of practices, there was a bad news coming. Daniel’s grand daddy has just passed away and he must go to Jakarta for some days which meant leaving out the performance for the competition. The other band member felt sorry and was so blue because of it. But the decision has made. They moved forward, with our without Daniel.
So it took about 2 hours of time to reach there by car. I-Gen arrived earlier there at Alkafelaz studio which made the organizer changed the schedule. After approximately 10 minutes, I-Gen went up to the audition room. The room was cozy with wooden floor, amplifiers (for sure), and yellow lamps.
Before it started auditioning, I took a picture of the band and went out, since the organizer didn't let the teacher come inside as one of the rules. So, in seconds after I went out, I-Gen started playing the first song; Night Changes by One Direction. In my opinion, Night Changes went almost perfect. The second one was It's My Life by Bon Jovi and it sounded alive.


Merawat tanaman bukan tugas pak kebun saja.

Sejak awal berdiri pada 2004, Ivy School punya konsep pendidikan yang unik. Tidak seperti sekolah nasional lain yang berbahasa Indonesia, Ivy School justru menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai pengantarnya. Murid dilatih aktif berbahasa Inggris selama berada di lingkungan sekolah, baik di dalam maupun luar kelas. Materi pembelajaran juga tidak murni memakai kurikulum nasional, melainkan di-combine dengan berbagai literatur pendidikan pilihan internasional.

Ivy sendiri merupakan akronim Indonesia’s Victorious Youth atau Generasi Pemenang Indonesia. Nama Ivy diambil dari daun yang tumbuh hijau di segala musim. Ivy bisa hidup di manapun, mulai selokan jalan sampai istana kerajaan. Tanaman ini merambat liar ke atas, melingkari pilar-pilar rumah dan melambangkan kehangatan keluarga. Ia juga sering ditanam dalam pot dan digantung sebagai simbol persahabatan.

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