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        Conducted in Supermall PTC on Friday morning of April 29, 2016 Kartini Day celebration was toned up with lots of musical, dance and drama performances. Kindergarten students were up on stage from 10.00 up to 12 o’clock performing some dances and joining the fashion show. They all seemed to be in the best look wearing their traditional suits. At 12.30 the elementary and middle school students came to the area exposing the suits that they called as “Back to the Independence Era” costume. Each grade in the elementary school presented their performance with distinction. Most of them sang and danced a modern-traditional thing in such a pretty cool way. It could be seen when grade 5 danced Shaman with a funky kind of music. But there were also some of them who really sang and danced traditionally just like what grade 4 and 6 did. From grade 5, the duo; Sophie (on violin) and Jessica (on keyboard) collaborated with Michael who played drum performing two modern songs.

      Another modern-traditional performance was up when Doni from grade 6 sang Sajojo in a groovy-jazz way with Abraham from grade 7 who played drum, and an accompaniment from Mr. Edwin on keyboard. The other things that drew attention were ballet dance and drama featuring the students from grade 1,2,3 performing a musical drama about Kartini. Not only performances, there was also a photo booth run by Student Council of Middle School exposing the creativity in photography. In the meantime, Pre-K students who wore traditional clothing celebrated the day by conducting the carriage riding around the Royal Residence. The whole day was a lot of fun which was enlivened with excitement and joy. This year Kartini Day is meant to be the foundation for us who want to learn Kartini’s point of view; think global act local when the light comes after the dark.

By : Mr. Edwin

          Ujian Nasional Berbasis Komputer (UNBK) which is also called Computer Based Test (CBT), is a national exam system using the computer as the media of the test. Technically, UNBK is different from the previous national examination using the Paper Based Test (PBT) which has been running every year.

          The implementation of UNBK was firstly implemented in all of SMP Indonesia, Singapore, and SMP Indonesia-Kuala Lumpur (SIKL) in 2014. The result of operation of UNBK was encouraging and further pushing to improve the literacy of students to ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Furthermore, gradually in 2015, UNBK conducted a stub implementation of UNBK by involving 555 schools, consisting of 42 SMP / MTs, 135 SMA / MA and 378 vocational schools in 29 provinces and Foreign Affairs.

          This year SMP IVY School becomes one of the organizers of UNBK for the first time, together with all public and private junior high schools in Surabaya. There are several stages of implementation UNBK started with some simulations the first simulation was held in January 2016, the second simulation in January, and third one was held in March. The second stage; “Gladi Bersih” of UNBK was held on 25 to 28 April 2016. The test ran smoothly and the kids were not clumsy to the new system of UNBK, it might be the effect of the rapid growth of information technology.

          The implementation of UNBK itself will be held on 9 - May 12 2016, in 4 days, covering four subjects, continuously; Bahasa Indonesia, Mathematic, English, and IPA. During the exam, there will be companion to make sure everything is under control. They are a supervisor, 1 proctor from other school, 1 proctor and a technician from SMP IVY School. Hopefully on the D-day, the whole test may be smoothly run.

Edwin & Windy

Sumber : http://unbk.kemdikbud.go.id/

To celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine, Ivy School conducted a musical party in Pakuwon Trade Center. It could have been that many of us were still flying high from the Christmas party that occurred the month before. Though, the energy that came brought up the idea of running this event. It was held in Friday, February 12th, 2016 at 01.00 p.m.

The first performance from Grade 1-3 ‘Ivy Voice’ Choir started to draw people attention at 13.15. It was so nice that so many people that milling about stopped by and enjoyed the performance. Ms. Sherly, the principal of Ivy Elementary School led the prayer a minute after. Now, the celebration is officially started. The next performance was the girls from Grade 4, singing Mandarin song, Huan Ai. As the first performer singing in Mandarin this group has succeeded to draw people’s attention to come and getting closer to the stage.

On Thursday, March 10, 2016, IVY School held a seminar and workshop at the IVY School Royal Residence. The event was hosted by Ms. Weilin Han a "Guru Petualang" from Indonesia, the theme is "Borderless Teaching", held in New Building 2nd floor and  the event was attended by 42 participants consisting of IVY teachers and teachers from other school. The event was opened at 08.30 by Ms. July Indawati with some introduction as the Founder of IVY School, were running well. After Ms. July opened the event, now Ms. Weilin’s turn to convey some of the material that would last for two days until Friday, March 11.

            As an annual agenda before facing National Exams (UN), the first tryout for middle school was conducted on January 11 to 14, 2016. 10 students from IVY Middle School had to make all attempt to show their best as well as to conquer the other students around Surabaya. They had to regain what their seniors had achieved a year before.

            What they have achieved has surprised us, they have been able to prove how trustworthy they are as they have been able to regain the prestigious rank: they can achieve the 2nd rank among all schools in West Surabaya, 9th rank among all school in Surabaya as well as the highest English score among all schools in Surabaya. Here we congratulate 9th graders for what they have achieved. Keep promoting excellence to your every deed IVY students!


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