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A Visit to the Secret Garden of Surabaya Food Security and Agronomy Department

Everything seemed to be just a normal office when first we arrived there. As we came into the back garden we could see some marigold flowers set on pots. However, it was just a beginning of our fascinating field trip. It is not just a field trip; it is also a journey to know more about the nature. The trip was divided into three sessions: strolling through an orchard, getting into two glass houses of rare herbs and plants, and feeding some animals.

                Besides the open-air orchard, there are also two glass houses set in thirty-three Celsius degree. The first house has been prepared for orchids. Here we learned how some Dendrobium Orchids. We were informed how they grow. Inside the same house, some rare tubular plants are also being conserved. Then we went to the second house where some herbs are being conserved. Here we were informed that every garden bed can give us some elixirs to our health.

Spending around 7 hours daily at school makes us feel home. Whether we realize it or not, this school has been another house for us. We fight and cry. We laugh and cherish everyone's birthday. Therefore this Christmas aims to get us mingled in one harmony. Compare to the previous celebrations, this celebration is totally different.

Being conducted on December 13, 2017, did not just performed. We expressed what we have inside. Grade 1 came up with a cool singing performance. Grade 2 made their commitment to give every move to Jesus. Growing as teenagers, Grade 3 students encourage everyone to love the nature. Performing their pianica performance, Grade 4 students got adults to recall their Christmas memory when they were little. We also proud of our two oldest classes for they have prepared their performances seriously.

Reporter : Mr. Caleb

Once again IVY School will host a holiday program held in late 2017. This program invites children to play and learn while filling their Christmas vacation time with fun activities.
Holiday program this time was initiated by IVY School teachers for children aged 2-4 years. Held for 3 days, and filled with programs that draws children's attention to five senses to communicate about the world around them. The event is held from 18-20 December 2017 at IVY School Graha Famili. Come join us and feel the excitement of the activities we are preparing.
More info is in the brochure below.


IVY Middle School empowers creative learning to enhance students’ talent. Experience the engaging atmosphere of learning as the implementation of US based on research curriculum. Your children may have privilege also to join the IVY Accelerated Study (IAS) which enables IVY students to directly get a direct path to university after graduating from IVY Middle School. Craft memorable, emotive experiences with us, and develop your skill, talent, and interest in IVY Middle School.
IVY School - Instill the lifetime love of learning. Get the early bird promotion of admission fee for only IDR 6.500.000.

A borderless teaching and learning process has started here, everyone is able to take part and be an educator and active learner.

A blissful moment, 5 days full of activity, competitions, and seminars/workshops

IVY school presents "Magnifiscience" a science booth which IVY Middle school students conduct the experiments to the participant

It has been held in IVY School since 2016 in order to provide a way for students to pose questions that urge them to find the answer and to satisfy students'own curiosity about the world around them. The unique of Magnifiscience are
1. It involves students' participation.
2. It is student-centered.
3. The material is easy to be found because it uses daily objects found surrounding you.

These are the experiments which are conducted:
1. Lava lamp
2. Robotic arm
3. Wave stick
4. Glue milk
5. Water filter
6. Wave pendulum

See these videos for detail.

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By : Ms. Cathy

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