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        Conducted in Supermall PTC on Friday morning of April 29, 2016 Kartini Day celebration was toned up with lots of musical, dance and drama performances. Kindergarten students were up on stage from 10.00 up to 12 o’clock performing some dances and joining the fashion show. They all seemed to be in the best look wearing their traditional suits. At 12.30 the elementary and middle school students came to the area exposing the suits that they called as “Back to the Independence Era” costume. Each grade in the elementary school presented their performance with distinction. Most of them sang and danced a modern-traditional thing in such a pretty cool way. It could be seen when grade 5 danced Shaman with a funky kind of music. But there were also some of them who really sang and danced traditionally just like what grade 4 and 6 did. From grade 5, the duo; Sophie (on violin) and Jessica (on keyboard) collaborated with Michael who played drum performing two modern songs.

      Another modern-traditional performance was up when Doni from grade 6 sang Sajojo in a groovy-jazz way with Abraham from grade 7 who played drum, and an accompaniment from Mr. Edwin on keyboard. The other things that drew attention were ballet dance and drama featuring the students from grade 1,2,3 performing a musical drama about Kartini. Not only performances, there was also a photo booth run by Student Council of Middle School exposing the creativity in photography. In the meantime, Pre-K students who wore traditional clothing celebrated the day by conducting the carriage riding around the Royal Residence. The whole day was a lot of fun which was enlivened with excitement and joy. This year Kartini Day is meant to be the foundation for us who want to learn Kartini’s point of view; think global act local when the light comes after the dark.

By : Mr. Edwin

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