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On Thursday, March 10, 2016, IVY School held a seminar and workshop at the IVY School Royal Residence. The event was hosted by Ms. Weilin Han a "Guru Petualang" from Indonesia, the theme is "Borderless Teaching", held in New Building 2nd floor and  the event was attended by 42 participants consisting of IVY teachers and teachers from other school. The event was opened at 08.30 by Ms. July Indawati with some introduction as the Founder of IVY School, were running well. After Ms. July opened the event, now Ms. Weilin’s turn to convey some of the material that would last for two days until Friday, March 11.


Day one,

In the first session, Ms. Weilin who is familiarly called Ms. Wei, immediately divided the participants into groups where the number of male participants and female participants shared equally. The material that was covered in the first session was very interesting, in which participants were directed to study and practice the science lessons, the trial is to dissect paw. The Paws that were provided are frogs legs, chicken, and crab. Participants were expected to learn the structure of the human foot and leg animals. After the completion of the first trial, the second trial is examining how the crab walks. In some experiments, the participants are expected to make a conclusion of what they have learned. Some groups expressed their opinion that with the experiments they had seen, holding, comparing, studying the characteristics directly. Ms. Wei concluded that the practice directly to us as "learner" can be understood as a science, since God created all things to be learned and not just with electronic media alone we give instruction to our students.

The second session started at 10:17 began with the "Build a Home" theme. Some tools and aids had been prepared by IVY School for laboratory work in this session, among others, dried leaves, soil, gravel, and a dry tree. Each group was given a small animal toy and they will be expected to make a "house" or a life from the materials and tools that had been provided. All participants worked on the job with enthusiasm and passion. As a result, the entire group managed to easily complete the practicum this time, with good cooperation from each member of the group. From this session, it was concluded that with collaboration and creativity, we can create a habitat for other living beings.

The third session started at 11:00 am, where participants were expected to make a small pyramid of bowls that had been provided. Each line / floor given one color the same paper, and participants were given as much time as 20 minutes to complete the pyramid. The last instruction was the participants were asked to pile up each piece of bowl one by one into a pyramid without knocking down the pyramid in turn, until the whole group got a turn and while taking the piece of pyramid should not be from the top. The second task of the participants are expected to calculate the number of units / bowl each floor and note it to the board, each unit is expected to relate to each other. From the conclusion showed that the same pattern of building pyramids in each group, while the bottom has a lot of pieces but the top has it few. Why does this happen? Each participant revealed their answers and it is vary, but in general every answer leads to teach student with fun.

The event was followed back to the fourth session and it is called “the erosion-Playing with soil and water”. Here, the participants were directed to learn to know again what causes the erosion, erosion itself and how it happened.

The last session closed with three games to know the direction. To teach our children that they could use the story / parable about the lost child of orang utan in the forest. With an a4 paper that contains a simple map, participants were taught how to save him from the forest using cardinal directions. After such a simple game, Ms. Wei went on, playing a simple game of the solar system. Each group was given a script and should be one of the characters in the play, which includes the names of planets that make up our solar system, from the Sun to Pluto. The drama in the story described all the characteristics of each planet. It aim to each participant so they are able to know and understand our solar system. At the last game, we had been invited to create a solid bridge with stick ice cream. Ms. Weilin explained that a bridge made of participants is not a bridge made by an engineer, but our own as a group.


Day two,

On the second day, the event is more festive, because the participants from other schools had to blend into one. The event opened with an introduction from Ms. Weilin, provide a narrative about her experience. She said, "I learned that in teaching the children have to use the contextual tools and materials". In the first game, Ms. Weilin invited the participants to form three circles, and each circle will created a simple game that involves familiarity and cohesiveness of each team. After the event, Ms Weilin talks about his childhood, that in the classroom she taught in 1995, every class the students have the ability to capture different subjects, but we as teachers must not discriminate or classify each child.

In the second game, the participants were invited to describe their faces in a paper with the help of a mirror. Ms. Weilin said that each part of the face is drawn must be detailed and precise in the original in a short of time. In this game, she advised that children should not have been required to study and learn, but they also need to be educated in a group / collaborative. Because of this ability that will be useful later on when they are older.

Later that afternoon, the clock pointing to 15:45 which simultaneously Ms. Weilin Han closed IVY Seminar and Workshop at the time. The time feels so short when we had to end it all in a prayer led by Ms. July. The event, which lasted for two days had been a precious memory for the participants, and left its own story for Ms. Weilin as she returned to the airport to catch a flight. We Hope to see you again on another occasion and thanks to Ms. Weilin Han for the opportunity to come to IVY School. God Bless You!


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