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A Literature Appreciation has been held at October 28th, 2015, in Ivy School to celebrate Indonesia Youth Pledge “Sumpah Pemuda” Day. On 09.00 the event opened by prayer led by Ms. Dewi Kendarsih which was followed by singing national anthem “Indonesia Raya” and a national song “Bangun Pemudi Pemuda” together with all of the students and teachers. The next session was the poem reading performance by students. Those who brought things up were Daniel Lee, Alex, Gabriele, and Michiko. After some solemn readings came up on stage, the next session was limerick session. There were 2 groups which consisted of 2 students each. They were Angelique and Stanley in group 1 and Michael Lee and Juan in group 2.  It was reciprocated one, so the show was such a nice round.

Before stepping up to the main session; the writing workshop, there was a launch of Satu Karya Satu Rasa book. It was written up by the teachers and students of Ivy Middle School. Ms. Juli Indawati who also came that day stood up in front of all and giving her testimonal speech about the book. She said that the book was a starter. She expected that there must be some other books to come in the future. Writing Workshop for Teens was up on 10.00 a.m. Ms. Hafidha, the speaker for the workshop from Superkidz, entered the venue and began to speak in a way to start it all over. Journalistical writing became the topic of the workshop, followed by the enthusiasm of the students. The next one was literary workshop which was up on 11.00 a.m. with Ms. Khanis Selasih from Jurnal Sastra Aksara. This second workshop was set like a talk show with Dr. Purwo from Unair as the next speaker and Ms. Hilmi from Oksana Publishing.  The event seemed to be lively after some students asked things and those who were on stage responsed it with such a nice answers. Many of them asked about the tips and how to start writing. Such a show!


Mr. Yoshua Mario, the host, gave a break time before the storytelling time which was up on 12.45 p.m. The performer was Ms. Evie Suryani from the Creative Writing Community who was telling a story about the origins of Surabaya, which surely followed by the enthusiastic attention of the students. The last session was the practice to write by the participants. Michiko Sachi, a 9 grader, the one who also wrote in Satu Karya Satu Rasa book cited that she was excited to join the workshop. The whole event was good and teens should join that kind of writing workshop and literature appreciation. She also said that she’s active enough in posting her writings on wattpad and planning to publish a fiction book next year.  

Reported by: Mr. Edwin, Music Teacher.


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