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April 16,2015
G-walk Citraland

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As scheduled for the character building outside class session in this second semester, I took 8 of my 5th graders to a trip of "Cautiousness" we have discussed for few weeks earlier.

The idea is to put them into real life situation where they have to apply the principles of cautiousness learned in "theory" which are:
1. I will think before I act
2. I will follow safety rules
3. I will look out for danger
4. I will talk at the right time
5. I will ask permission

Each student is expected to find information as assigned in the personal slip i had distributed one day before. I gave one question to dig out, from "What fruit sells best?" until "What is the hardest challenge a security officer may face?"

Questions should be asked to the most related persons they will meet. They should also find out some details of the person interviewed, such as name, address or work position, anything.

Time given was 15 minutes. At least 1 person should be interviewed.


We reached the preferred area at 8ish am when most stores were freshly opening. Students were instructed to spread up individually since question is none alike.

1. All were flocking together in the beginning, discussing and 'peer consulting' to one another. I intentionally just watched them from afar, giving them space to decide what to do without adult's interference.

2. They tried to go together crossing the busy street (this point, my heart pounded harder thinking if I should jump in assisting them crossing.) They had to wait for almost a minute, still unable to pass, until one realized that they should go find the nearest zebra cross. There, all vehicles stopped courteously as the children crossed.

3. Students started to go spread up on the other side of street n individually or in pair interacting with people around. Keisha approached the security guard of Bank Mandiri for quite a rich interview with him. Aiko and Kelly were interviewing an ink store, Donny and William got their valuable findings in Pelangi store after a longer walk to reach the location. Walter interviewed a depot owner asking about the best selling breakfast, while Jordan approached a tattoo shop owner who were about to open his gallery. Stephen had such a warm interview with one store owner that he got offered to drink and took some snack.

4. They came back to the gathering point sweaty and jolly with the 15mins 'journalist time'.

DO I REALLY CARE about HOW GOOD the interview result?
It is my least concern.
That morning is one life experience for these children to get a sense how to find a way approaching and finding favor, how to be alert and aware when they are without parents or guardians around

Next week, I shall be excitedly waiting for their journals telling about their findings, impressions and experiences during this trip.

Thanks to Ms Chika for accompanying me and to all the Surabaya citizens in Gwalk area those hours, who are willing to spend time patiently catering my students' questions.

Everyone who interacts with a child is a teacher,
And it takes the whole city to teach a child.

Honored to teach,

Juli Indawati

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