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           There were something different at IVY School Royal Residence Surabaya on Friday, April 20th, 2018. There were so many colorful clothes worn by cute, beautiful, and handsome kids in every corner of this school. Yes, there was a celebration on this school. IVY were celebrating Kartini’s Day on that nice, sunny day with the students and teachers wore Indonesian’s traditional clothes. The girls wore “kebaya”  while the boys wore “lurik” or “beskap” clothes.


  IVY Elementary School started the celebration with an opening prayer together at IVY Hall (2nd floor of new building) at 09.00 A.M. After that, the teachers divided the students into two big groups, the big classes group and the small classes group. The big classes group’s members was all of grade 4-6 students, while the small classes one was filled with grade 1-3 as the members. Then, at 09.10, the big classes members went to their own class to do their kites decorating competition. In the same time, the small classes members went down with the primary and the school’s principal, Ms Retha, to get our train time! Grade 1, 2, and 3 were taking turns to ride on “odong-odong” and “kereta kelinci”. While one class were riding them, Ms Retha taught the students about how to play an Indonesian traditional game called “dakhon”. The kids were so excited with this new game for them. Most of them have never seen or played this before, which made cheers were clearly seen on their faces while waiting for their train turn.


  After finished with the kite decorating, the big classes group had their very fun yet challenging time, decorating tumpeng competition. This is the most challenging one because their parents have done some blueprints for their tumpeng design and the children have to make it as similar to their parents’ class tumpeng design. They made the tumpeng with lots of cheer and team work with their classmates and also their primary teacher. Indonesian traditional musics were played and accompanied big classes group while decorating their class’ tumpeng. How can it be? Yes, because the small classes group were having their fashion show competition, outside the big class group’s classes. Shy faces and nervous steps were shown from the grade 1-3 members as they stepped on the stages. The nerve broke when some of them went up on the stages and do some extraordinary posts, or even dance, without getting nervous or afraid of the audiences.

           The third stages of this event was held on 11.00 A.M.—12.30 P.M., when the big classes group took their turn to their fun time with the “odhong-odhong” and “kereta kelinci” and the small classes got their challenging time, decorating tumpeng. It was even harder because in their young ages (6-8 years old), they had to decorate the tumpeng as well as their Moms’ blueprint and design. They were helped by the primary teachers to made the tumpeng looks as good as the design. All of them wanted to take turn and take part to decorate the tumpeng, even they only put some pieces of chicken nuggets, fried chicken, or even a spoon of the yellow rice. They learned a lot about how great were team work on this moment.

  All of the IVY Students and teachers celebrated the Kartini’s Day in order to remind and honor Raden Adjeng Kartini’s hard works and efforts to women’s representative in Indonesia. We hoped, by celebrating this day, the students could keep be reminded about the importance of team work and how every individuals could help. No matter who they are, whether they are girls or boys, all of them has the same power, abilities, and rights as human being.

Reported by ms. Monica Kinanto


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