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Ever since the time when he was in elementary school, Winston has been apt to baking. He used to bring school some testers of chocolate and brownies to both friends and teachers. Having been really into baking, Winston challenged himself to join Hartono Baking Competition at Super Grand Atrium on November 25, 2018.


This competition is judged by a professional chef—Arnold Poernomo; the one who used to judge Master Chef Indonesia. Along with him, nine other little bakers competed to win two places. He baked a cinnamon sponge cake. Then, he covered the cake with some frost sugar. He carved the shape of Winnie the Pooh on it. Then, at the end of the competition his name was announced to be the second winner of this competition.

“Winning is just the result of a hard work, but the utmost importance of all is a passion”, he said. “I never underestimate the importance of practice although I know I have been trained in it”, he added.

Congratulation Winston, we are proud of your hard work.

(Mr. Caleb)

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