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A Visit to the Secret Garden of Surabaya Food Security and Agronomy Department

Everything seemed to be just a normal office when first we arrived there. As we came into the back garden we could see some marigold flowers set on pots. However, it was just a beginning of our fascinating field trip. It is not just a field trip; it is also a journey to know more about the nature. The trip was divided into three sessions: strolling through an orchard, getting into two glass houses of rare herbs and plants, and feeding some animals.

                Besides the open-air orchard, there are also two glass houses set in thirty-three Celsius degree. The first house has been prepared for orchids. Here we learned how some Dendrobium Orchids. We were informed how they grow. Inside the same house, some rare tubular plants are also being conserved. Then we went to the second house where some herbs are being conserved. Here we were informed that every garden bed can give us some elixirs to our health.



                Above all interesting activities, the most exciting one was our visit to their small zoo. We could find an emu bird. This bird stands on his sturdy hooves. Being covered with blue comb and a pair of pink wattles, this bird looks so great. Emu is not the only bird here, pigeons and owls are also kept here. The rest of the time allocated was spent on feeding rabbits, goats, and fish.

                This field trip does not only teach Grade 3 and 4 new lessons, but it also enriches teachers’ knowledge. We have learned how plants grow, what temperature is suitable for animals and plants to survive. The most important of all is how we find ourselves proud of this city.

Reported by Mr. Caleb

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